Happy Flood

(See the tree line in the background? That's where the river normally is)

The record snowpack in Washington (and California) has been phenomenal. I am sorry for the folks in Colorado and Texas, who are dealing now with the extreme drought and firestorms that we have put up with for the past 20 years (in CA, anyway). But I'm not sorry to be witnessing this.

(The farmer lives right on the river, or on days like today, IN the river)

The ninth-highest flood of the Yakima river on record. This is 16 feet above normal.

The lot of my parents' future home has become river-front property.

(This is a field of winter wheat in a farmer's backyard)

We live at the joining of three rivers- the Columbia, the Snake, and the Yakima. Normally, the Yakima is the slow and shallow one of the three, the kind of river you go tubing on in the summer. Today, she seems swollen with joy and energy.

(the edge of the bluff)

Flow, baby, flow!

(I'm not the only one loving the sudden surprise marsh! That's a red-winged blackbird, calling loud and proud)

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