Man Candy Monday

Am I going to be the only girl choosing Chris Hemsworth for this week's Man Candy Monday? I doubt it.

Let me be clear: I have not yet seen Thor.
But enough of my female friends have had their ovaries screaming at them to mate with this man (and they have shared this on social media sites), that I felt compelled to dig a little.

And I was not left wanting.
Ladies, I present...

Why he's swoonworthy (aside from being able to rock brunette and blond, dressed up and workout-sweaty, and those baby blues):
He was born in Melbourne, Australia.

He was born in 1983 (making him 27 years old, and a Leo)

His notable roles include:
Thor, in Thor
George Kirk, in Star Trek (the new one)
...and some other stuff I've never seen!

He stands 6'3" tall.

He's also married (since last December).