Man Candy Monday

Hellooooooooooo Monday!

Of the stunning array of male beauty I have contemplated posting here, this one took the cake. Perhaps it was because of the large portions of Stargate Universe that I've been watching, or my fond memories of one Private Johnson from years ago.

Whatever my complex (*ahem*) reasons, here you go ladies:
(Makes me think he'd be great in a solar ritual! I have to say, I love how rarely we see him topless, even though he's clearly got a beautiful body.)

(Ah, a man in a uniform. BDUs have never looked better.)

(This one is my favorite. He just looks so snuggleable!)

(It's the eyes. And the lips. Ah, heck, it's everything.)

Jamil Walker Smith

Interesting Stats:
Born 8/20/82 (that's 360 days younger than I am!)

Notable Roles:
Master Sgt Ronald Greer on Stargate Universe
Tom Jr. on Halway Decent
One episode credits on Bones, Supernatural, Medium, Philly, NYPD Blue, Touched by an Angel, and more