Man Candy Monday

After the sucker punch I took to the heart on Saturday afternoon, I literally crawled into bed to wallow. Thankfully, there was a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on USA, and the swashbuckling was a balm to my weary heart.

But if you think this post is going to be about Johnny Depp, you'd be wrong (although he is strongly adored). If you think this post is going to be about Orlando Bloom, you'd be wrong (although he is so definitely man candy). Oh no, this post is about the one, the only, the very British....

Jack Davenport.

(Something about the smile. Or the chest hair.)

(Very early 90s with the jean jacket, but c'mon...check the smolder!)


Interesting Facts:
I'm not listing memorable roles, because there are a million of them. Seriously. Just IMDB him. I did love him in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and also the British series "Coupling" (which is hilarious), but he has been in so much more!