Music, and a Possible AFK

This makes me nostalgic for my old D&D group in San Diego.
Also, bonus fun- my ex (Fireboy) is in this video. Can you spot him?
Hint: He has long hair and is way too young for me to have dated.

But S.J. Tucker is an amazing person, and musician, and is clearly gorgeous and ridiculously fun to be around.

In other news, I may be AFK for some or all of this weekend. I am not sure if I'll have wifi to update my Blogger (though I hope so, because I may need to squee late Friday and Saturday nights). I will be traveling to visit he-who-needs-a-bloggy-nickname, attend a comic convention to schmooze with my boss at, go to an Eric Himan show, and explore a nearby city.

I still love you all, and I promise to be back on Monday with stories, pictures, and blog-life as usual!