Musical Monday

I am exhausted, and so very, very done with men.

- I found one that pings on all radar points, and he's not attracted to me.
- There was another, who was very pointedly trying to just have sex with me, and threw a hissy fit at me.
- There was another, who sent me a series of pissed-off emails because I told him I wasn't interested in going on a date with him (and then a series of "if you change your mind" emails...dude, really, you've totally closed that door permanently).
- And a guy I had a fun first date with who then ignored me for two weeks.
- And there is still, always, my huge crush on Oberon, which will never be fulfilled in any way. That's become a sort of white noise of frustration at this point.

So, really, this song seemed most appropriate.