We Want to Know Wednesday


Thanks as always to Mamarazzi, Shawn, Impulsive Addict, and Janette for hosting this 'get to know you' linky party!

Amazing Race. But not the more recent seasons, where you win for physical feats of courage an endurance alone, but the original few seasons where it also involved adaptability, communication with the locals, and street wits as well. I rock the adaptability, and blending into foreign cultures, and I love a good challenge.

Yes, one so far (but a few others planned). It's a Tlingit tribal style orca on my upper back. There's an entire story with why I chose that design, but the subject matter is pretty obvious- you all know how orca focused I am. The others that I have planned (3 of them) also relate to my spiritual beliefs. I am waiting to get them until I find an artist that I really like, and the spending money to put toward them.

Tough question! The necklace I just got in the Handmade for You Swaparoo swap from the amazing Isha is my current favorite. Holding it makes me feel calm and lovely.

I have several, but it all boils down to drivers who aren't paying attention. The arrogance of attitude that allows drivers to dodge their responsibility as the one behind the wheel to FOCUS and FOLLOW THE LAW and BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS ON THE ROAD astounds me. You're controlling a several ton killing machine. Let's put down the paperback book, turn to face forward, use our turn signals, not run red lights, and act like adults, shall we?

We didn't watch TV much in my household. The only shows I remember growing up with were The Cosby Show and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and we watched them as a family. Honestly, I love watching good TV with my family. When we'd watch Lost together and then try to figure things out...an author, an engineer, two techies, and a mother...it was fun. I miss that, more than I miss any particular show.