He made me this.
Our first date is Thursday.

I think Friday Confessional and Saturday's Happy List are about to get more interesting...

In related news, I have a fashion quandry, blogger friends. 
First date, daytime, 65 degrees or so with a chance of rain. 
I'm going with a knee-length wool skirt (A-line) and a linen capped-sleeve fitted blouse. Do I wear tights (or leggings?) underneath the skirt, and wear my only pair of black heels (which are a little dressy, flat black with a rosette)? Or do I sport bare legs and wear my open-toed heeled sandals? 

 I appeal to you, O Mavens of Fashion, to guide me in this important choice, over which my mother and I disagree and I remain woefully indecisive!

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