50 Things This Summer

When enough cool people do something, I inevitably follow. Hence, this list of things to do this summer. It's not nearly as amazing as I'd like it to be, mainly because I'm broke and stuck in the middle of nowhere, WA. But since I have the cushiness of living with my folks, I actually have a shot at these! :D

  1. Hula hoop 10 minutes a day, every day
  2. Read 1 book per 7-10 days
  3. Get my weight down to 160 lbs or less and keep it there
  4. See if I can teach myself hula hoop maneuvers/acrobatics
  5. See Walla Walla
  6. Attend my first rodeo
  7. Celebrate my birthday with something ridiculous
  8. Attend Shakespeare in the Park
  9. Put at least $400/month into my savings account
  10. Get to Euer Valley
  11. Go camping at least once
  12. Write at least five more chapters in my co-authored novel
  13. Make at least one item per week for my Etsy store
  14. Wear perfume every day (except in Euer Valley, where it will bring bugs)
  15. Sew some of my excess scarves into crafts
  16. Apply to at least 5 jobs per week
  17. Actually sing at a karaoke night
  18. Send surprise mail to loved ones
  19. Cook dinner at least twice per week
  20. Consume around 1500 calories per day, most of the time
  21. Host another swap or some sort, here or on Swap-Bot
  22. Focus on my strengths and capabilities more
  23. Learn new ways to apply eye makeup
  24. Alter my existing sundresses that need it
  25. Severely decrease the amount of used books that I buy
  26. Do volunteer videography work for the wildlife refuges every week
  27. Attend the local Renaissance Faire
  28. Come up with more DIY tips and recipes for this blog
  29. Blog an entire series on boudoir photography (modeling tips)
  30. Start sewing my wool Victorian dress
  31. Finish watching Stargate: Universe
  32. Go on an exercise walk with my mom at least 4 times per week
  33. Go swimming
  34. Go to Portland (including the cider bar and Powell's books)
  35. Go to Lake Chelan
  36. Get to Seattle to visit friends once per month
  37. Drink more water every day
  38. Spend less on beads and craft supplies
  39. Attend FaerieWorlds Harvest
  40. Make 3 costumes for FaerieWorlds Harvest
  41. Blog once per day, except Sundays
  42. See Rom and her beau while in Euer Valley
  43. Help BigSis organize her house
  44. Grow tomatoes
  45. Take side gigs as possible for spending money
  46. Write at least one more comic book script
  47. Send a spell in to Broadsword Comics
  48. Make a dent in my Netflix list
  49. Have dark chocolate and/or red wine every day
  50. Stay positive

What's on your list for this summer?