Friday Confessional


I confess...
I want to get to know Hot Russian for a number of reasons, one of which is that he is a great example of that bachelor-style life (or Big Pimpin', if you will). And I need more examples of that in my life, to study and emulate.
(Like this guy, in "Down with Love".)

I confess...
I could rock the Bachelorette lifestyle more if I had a cadre of attractive men throwing themselves at me. Just sayin'.
(What's Carmen Electra doing with my harem?!)

I confess...
I have a list of conquests that I would love to make. If I weren't living with my parents right now, I'd print out a visual guide and hang it on the wall.
Just like college!
(Ha! I wish my dorm had been that big!)

I confess...
I've been trying to track down my best guy friend from high school (and three year crush) for a decade. He's not Facebook, and none of our previous mutual friends kept tabs on him. He may be deceased. I can't figure out how to find him (he has a very, very common name). And I can't let it go.

(This would be a perfect place to insert a pic of said lost friend, if I had one. *sigh*)

I confess...
In an attempt to track him down, I periodically scour Facebook for high school buddies and sort through their friends lists. This has taught me that all the beautiful girls I envied in high school are still gorgeous, and all the gawky, geeky, awkward boys that I like in high school have become these total studmuffins. WTF?
(This is not one of my geeks-turned-hotties. This is Ewan MacGregor. Because I can. Now excuse me, I need to take a cold shower.)