How About That For Amazing?

Have I told you about my friend Miss Angie? She's an amazing woman, an avid blogger, and an internet-friend of mine for over a decade now. She's a crafter, a hooper, a bit of a hippie, and an artist. 

She's also amazing.

Need proof? Look at the header for this blog. Now look at the button. 
Miss Angie MADE those. Just as a random surprise gift, she made them and emailed them to me today.

She also included suggestions for a matching background for my blog.

Icon Beth up there is wearing a little Renaissance Faire vest/bodice thing (which is so totally me) and a teal V-neck top, which I actually have (and wore when I met the Hot Russian and the Flirty Redhead). She's wearing a silver triple moon necklace (which is my favorite Pagan symbol, and though I have it on my car twice, I don't have a pendant like that...but I've always been looking for the right one!). The Greek goddess curls? She got those perfectly. She's also got my eyes, and my smirk, perfectly dead-on.  The font is gorgeous. The colors are perfect.

I told you she's amazing.

I'm so happy with my banner and button, and my re-designed blog! It feels terrifically like coming home, to have it so personalized and in my colors at long last. 

Huge thanks, and hugs, and great karma to Miss Angie for her generosity and skills!

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