How to Look Good Naked, part 2

WARNING: This post is intended for mature audiences only. If the idea of posing naked for sexy photos offends you, navigate your page elsewhere.

Now that we've covered the lighting setup that makes for great boudoir photos, let's take a look at props.

Props are more than something to fiddle around with while your photographer changes the scene. They can be inspiration for a pose itself!
(Using a prop to frame a body part and draw attention to it.)

Props give you something to cover a body part, playing a bit of peek-a-boo.
(Self-conscious about your tummy? Easy fix!)

They give you something to pose ON as well as to pose WITH.
(Chairs and beds are traditional for posing on...)

They also lighten the mood, bringing in some playfulness. 
(I bet her lover is now thinking "oh, feathers! I know what I could do with those!")

Just be sure that no matter how you incorporate the prop into the photo, you aren't ignoring the camera for the sake of the prop. Think of it as a bolster to your sexiness quotient. 
(Trees are less traditional, but more fun!)

A tip: Some props translate better on film than others. Look for contrast, of color and texture (white pearls, red sating sheets, a lace apron, etc), especially if you're going to take the photo in black and white.
(The white captain's hat contrasts with the black background and her skin tone, so it shows up well. Also, clearly she's having fun and being playful with it.)

Part Three coming soon...

*Copyright notice: Unless I'm IN the photo, I don't own it. I did random internet searches to find examples to illustrate my tutorial. If any photographer or model requests that I remove their photo, I will do so immediately. Enjoy these in the spirit with which they were posted....and please don't sue me. Thanks!

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