Love and Questions

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TwoOfUs for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am happy to admit that I don't know everything about love and romance. Sometimes, I pretty much know nothing. And as close as I am with my family, there are times where I can't talk to them about it (case in point: talking to them about relationship issues forever colors their perception of my significant other). And as awesome as my friends are, sometimes they can relate and offer advice....and sometimes the issues are out of their domain.

So I was excited to get a chance to check out this new site, TwoofUs for tips on keeping your relationship fresh. They break it down into Dating, Exclusive, Engaged, Married, and Parents, to make it easier for you to address where your concerns are, and to make the advice more relevant.

They have podcasts, articles, and videos, which is a nice break from magazines or books, which can often be dry and one-note. They do have some ads on the site that you just have to ignore, but there's a lot of meat there as well. 

They also have a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, so you can connect with more people over the site. I encourage you to like them on Facebook, so you can get updates on when new content is posted. 


I just finished watching Hill Harper's "The Conversation", which is a video on why marriage is beneficial, myths about marriage, the key to healthy relationships, etc. It's specifically aimed at marriage, but honestly, the advice seems excellent for any stage of a relationship, especially in terms of being honest with yourself about your romance needs. 

My most common questions go something like this:

WHEN are we ready to move in together (as I seem to jump the gun on this constantly)? HOW do I meet the right kind of guy? WHAT can I do to prolong the honeymoon period, or at least make the transition easier when things go from awesome to sucktastic? has the answers...and I'm stuffing my brain with those.


So what about you guys- what common relationship questions do you have? 

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