Man Candy Monday


(If I were 12 again, I would have this image as a poster on my wall)

Just so you don't think I have a 'type' (because I really don't, as much as I adore the dark hair/light eyes thing), here's a twisty one....Matthew Gray Gubler!

(I just wanna make him some fantastic coffee and biscotti)

(Yes, I drool over fictional brainy characters. I am fine with this.)

The Stats:

(Oh my.)

Notable Roles:
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, as Intern #1
Criminal Minds (tv series), as Dr. Spencer Reid
(500) Days of Summer, as Paul
Pornstar, as Ziggy
And, of course, he has directed 4 shorts and 2 episodes of Criminal Minds

(A man after my own heart!)

(Oh, to be that model...or those cameras..*le sigh*)