Man Candy Monday

Much though I adore Chow Yun-Fat (and I do), I decided to bring attention to a slightly hotter actor from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Quite frankly, Chen Chang's character in the movie reminds me of my close friend Coyote (who has a similar hotness quotient). Plus, I can never resist a well-dressed man.

(See? I'm already swooning)


(Edgier and hipper than I usually go for, but check out the cheekbones)

 Notable Roles (from a Westerner's perspective):
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, as Lo 'Dark Cloud'/Luo Xiao Hu
Silk, as Tung
Red Cliff, as Sun Quan

Random Facts:
He's Taiwanese
He was born Oct 14, 1976
He's the spokesmodel of Yamaha scooters
His Taiwanese name is Chang Chen. His Mandarin name is Zhang Zhen. His Cantonese name is Cheung Cha.
(This one is my noir!)