My Happy List


I am happy...
Because yesterday's farmers market adventure was awesome, and today's road trip to Dayton looks to be awesome as well.

I am happy...
Because an ex emailed me to thank me for being awesome (encouraging him, supporting him, etc). I know, knowing him, it's not a booty call or an apology, just a gesture he feels he needs to make. And that's fabulous. I wish ALL of my exes acknowledged what an amazing girlfriend I am, during and after the relationship.
(It says something about me that, as adorable as this pic is, I am distracted by the lack of conjunction apostrophe used in 'your')

I am happy...
Because I've made a dozen new pieces for my Etsy shop (though only uploaded half of them thus far). I love feel productive and creative!
(Mmm...bling. And my wrinkly hands)

I am happy...
That I have a 'to do' list once I am settled in my own place with an income (i.e. don't have to stress over parents' opinion of it). This includes starting P90X, learning Greek, taking fiddle lessons, re-learning trumpet, re-learning bellydance, and getting involved in salsa dancing.
(I don't own this photo, but it's brilliant)

I am happy...
AND grateful that even though I'm one of the billions that are unemployed right now in America, I am neither homeless nor starving, and won't be as long as I have this amazingly generous group of family and friends. Debt juggling sucks, but at least I'm not doing it from a shelter, or being forced to live on Top Ramen.
(I don't own this either...isn't it cute?)