My Happy List


I am sad to report that my lips are still covered in dust, as is the rest of me. I did get my red wine on (and on and on and on), and I'm doing better at that whole "self-satisfied single" vibe. 

As promised, proof that the Russian is indeed hot:
(One Russian, hot)

(Tongue. Tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue.)

I am happy that I can still stay up and party until 2am. I'm not pretty, this late, but I'm alert, awake, and able to shake my money maker. At least until I fall into a stupor.
(some humor, to counterbalance the hotness above)

I am happy that I found this article about Akhilanda's, because feeling validated about being broken is a nice counterbalance to the pain of being broken. Not that I'm at that stage right now, just nice to keep it in mind the next time I break my heart.
(some humor, to counterbalance the hotness above)

I am happy that I am getting a chance to see my few friends out here again, and also make a plan to see my bestie and meet up with the SLC-ish crew in August. Hopefully.

*I don't own the photos. Please don't sue me. Instead, enjoy the Russian Hotness above!