My Happy List


This week has been e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g. For some reason, my body decided it would really rather stay up until 2am habitually, and then wake up around 6am, or maybe 8am, and be ready to greet the day.

I don't know what evil little hobbit bastard crawled into my brain to make this happen, but I am not amused.

The result is that I was powering through it until this afternoon, when the Consequences hit. I am on the edge of delirium, and feeling really poopy, so forgive the meandering pace of this post.

I am happy...
I spent the first part of this week in Seattle, visiting friends and relatives and generally running amok. I saw X-Men: First Class with my bro (holy sexy men all over that movie, Batman!). I ate Medi Kitchen (thus ending a 6-month-long craving). I spent way too much money on wine and chocolate and beads. In short, I had a blast.
(James McAvoy talking about genetics? *swoon*)

I am happy...
That my parents and I are going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 tonight. This is landmark- I get to the movie theatres maybe once a year. Twice in one week? It's like Christmas. And also, I don't care what the critics say about this film: PIRATES. (and, ya know, Johnny Depp)

I am happy...
Because I finished TWO novels this week. TWO. Pre-unemployment, and during-bad-relationship, I was lucky to get through one book every month. Now I feel like I can get back to my old grade school verbavore days. Wheee!

I am happy...
Not only did Holly G give me two projects to edit, Quentin is finished with the outline for a project I'll be writing, Pat and I are starting to make progress on our co-authored novel (which we ignored for the better part of 2 years while life happened), and I got two commissions for pirate hats on my Etsy.
It's been a good week for creativity.

I am happy...
That even though I splurged while in Seattle, I lost a pound. I'm back to counting calories and trying to be more strict about exercising every day, so it's nice to see good progress. 

I am happy...
That Jim says River Song (on Dr. Who) reminds him of me. Elizabeth said that, too. I adore Alex Kingston, and River Song is a fantastic character whom I wish I could be more like. In fact, I'd like to start a list of WWRSD stuff (but I need to watch the last half of season 6 first). And dress like her at conventions. Muahaha. 

I'm also happy that I'll be posting a series of tutorials centered around some risque, fun stuff. I can't wait!