My Happy List

Hello, happy!


I am happy...
Because Mom and I got to take a road trip to Pendleton, Oregon. We toured the Pendleton Woollen Mills (where I scored some gorgeous suit-weight wool for my Victorian garb, and fringe for a future costumes), Great Pacific wine and coffee bar, and the Tamastslikt Cultural Center (for the Native American tribes in the area). It. Was. Great.
(A Cayuse longhouse)

I am happy...
Because my parents and I went to the Ren Faire today. Out of respect for my dad, I went with almost zero cleavage (and that was a struggle), and my folks even dressed up, which I never thought I'd see! They look good in garb. :)
The knights were great, of course (and not one but TWO handsome ones), and we got to see some really great acts and do a bit of shopping as well. I dialed back the flirting to smiles only, which had no effect on anyone, but I'd say the day was a success anyway.
(Not what we saw, but close enough)

I am happy...
Because I've gotten a lot of happy mail lately, mostly surprising because I forgot I was getting stuff. A package a day...that makes a happy Beth.

I am happy...
Because I'm designing costumes. I love designing costumes. Love love love.
(Not mine, but pretty teal)

I am happy...
Because I made some more pretties for my Etsy store. All wildly different stuff. Although I seem to gravitate toward pirates and steampunk. Hrmmm....
(Gear, pearl, crystal ring. Mwah!)