Psst...This Stuff Rocks

Just for full disclosure, this isn't a paid review or product sample or anything- this is just me, wanting to share with you guys some amazeballs stuff that I just discovered. Because I love you all.

So my friend Lisa recently started selling products for Arbonne. She was raving about it, but I admit that I was skeptical. How many times have we bought a product that claims to do something fantastic, usually spending a metric crap-ton of money, only to have it fail miserably....or worse, damage your skin??

I hate that.
And I can't afford to spend that much.

So I was skeptical, and I asked a bunch of questions. And then I decided to use my dad as a guinea pig.

Here's the thing:
Arbonne is entirely botanically based and vegan-certified (no animal parts, and not tested on animals ever). 
And they have a lot of information on their website about their products (including a glossary of botanical terms, which I think is brilliant). 
They also have a code of ethics for their registered sellers. 
That turned me around, for the most part, about my skepticism.

So I ordered their FC5 Cooling Foot Creme and as a current sale/special thing got the FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme for free. I love me some free goodies!

And because I was still a little doubting am a great daughter, I gave them to my dad for Father's Day.

My dad has horribly dry skin. He sheds skin like a snake, and consequently has cracked, dry, bleeding, painful feet. He has tried a bazillion different lotions and creams and treatments, and very few of them work. He's gotten to the point where he will refuse to try things, because he's tired of dealing with greasy lotions and painful products. He's also sensitive to any kind of perfume scent, which nixes many products.


So you'll understand how amazed I was that Dad tried both...and loves them! He uses them every single day now. And he's already seeing positive results, after only a week.

They have a very slight smell, but it's a citrusy/kiwi scent. And they are not greasy or oily at all. I might have stolen a tiny bit to use myself. And I can slather my hands with the creme, and type on my laptop without leaving a slime trail. Yay! My hands feel silky and hydrated for a long time afterward. 


In short, I have gone from Doubting Debbie to Definite Fan. My dad won't let me near these two lotions now, so I have to order my own. And I'm already eyeing what other products I'd like to get. Cosmetics? Before Sun treatments? RE9 Anti-Aging products? Hrmmm....

And if YOU want to try an Arbonne product, and don't have your own consultant to credit when placing your order online, please consider giving credit to my friend Lisa (without whom I wouldn't have known about these products at all). 
Just use her Arbonne ID: 19268160

What else is cool about Arbonne products for us animal-lovers and hippies?

Arbonne personal care products are
formulated without:

Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are 
formulated without: