True Colors Swap

After promising I wouldn't do anymore swaps, because of the cost involved and my lack of space here, I went and did another swap. Whoops!

But it turned out okay, because I was partnered with the lovely Missy from Is It Just Me?

Her favorite color is pink, so I got to load up a ton of pink things (hopefully none of which spilled or melted). And since my favorite color is teal, she sent me a box (well, two) or teal items. Wahoo!

First off, her four year old daughters wrapped these, and I gotta say they did an expert job.
Check out these PERFECT finds (does this woman know me, or what?)

Wind chimes....I think these are my favorite item in it. The glass looks hand-painted and the whole thing is just beautiful in that beach-and-garden way. I can't wait to have my own place, so I can hang these up!

A painting (that Missy painted herself???), and painted metal sun (again, perfect for hanging outside on the house or by the garden), and beach-themed picture frame. These are so cheery, they make my cheeks hurt. In a good way. I have a feeling I'll be gazing at them a lot in the winter months!

A gorgeous diffuser (and the sticks are like willow it!), a teal sports water bottle (much more portable than my orange nalgene 32 ouncer), and a set of 3 memo pads (which is perfect for both my inner hippy, given the message, and my inner Virgo, given the purpose).

Ghirardelli (in ultra dark chocolate, because Missy loves me), Lindt (in white chocolate with pretty blue packaging), almonds (my snack d'jour, again in pretty packaging), and coffee (gods forbid I should ever be without it!). So Missy either did her homework, is psychic, or both. But a fabulous gift-giver she most definitely IS.

Teal mini LED light (perfect for my purse!), teal nail file (which has already been used), teal nail polish (wahooo!), a teal flip flop key ring (which is now in's heavy, but I adore the colors), and a gorgeous teal scarf/cover...more green than it appears in this photo. 
I love it- I don't know if I should use it as a wrap over my swimsuit, or a scarf in Fall when the temps fall, or a costume piece for FaerieWorlds Harvest in September....but it will be liberally loved and used! 

Mucho thanks again to Missy, who is definitely a fantastic swap partner. And thanks to her little birds, for helping wrap and package. I hope she enjoyed the pinksplosion I sent her way- I know I'm massively digging on the teallove she sent to me.

Also thanks to Jessica at Duck Duck Cow for hosting this swap.