Fat Ass Friday

Previous Weight: 165.4
Current Weight: 163.6

Wahoo! With this kind of success, I'm staying on the 1,500 calories/day eating schedule, hooping 20 minutes a day every day, and walking a mile a day as often as possible. At least until I hit the next plateau that requires an amping up.
Think I can get down to 150 lbs? 
That would be wicked wonderful.

I do feel bad celebrating when so many of my blogger friends are seeing no progress or backward progress. BUT, you guys- I was just there. Literally weeks of no progress, or gain.
You all inspired me to stick with it, vary my exercise routine, be stricter about my dietary habits....and now I'm losing.

Stick with it, vary your routine to bring some extra challenge or laughs in, try cutting something out for a while (sugar? butter? alcohol? meat?) or substituting things (fava beans instead of red meat, black coffee instead of a latte, etc) and see if that shakes your body up enough to start shedding pounds.

Thanks as always to Brandy for hosting this way to keep me honest, as well as to Miss Angie for continued support and encouragement, and to all of you who offer sympathies, congratulations, and suggestions.