Friday Confessional


I confess...
I am super excited to get started on my costumes for Faerieworlds Harvest! Everything is in place, and planned, it just requires the elbow grease now.

I confess...
I damaged my toe three weeks ago. And it isn't healing. I'm tired of being in pain whenever I walk or wear shoes. So, despite a lack of medical insurance and money, I am seeing a podiatrist next week to get it looked at. I'm quite nervous, as I hate anyone to handle my feet.

I confess...
I had a lot of fun at faire, but it was odd to be in garb and not flirting. I caught the eye of one knight, briefly, but lost it just as quickly, likely through lack of practice. My 'come hither' needs to be dusted off, along with my lips.

I confess...
Being of Hellenistic bent in my Paganism, I am amused at the swear word phrases that I am picking up from HBO's "Rome" series. I can't wait to get a chance to use them!

I confess...
I don't want to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. But, considering how little I've written, and how patient I am forcing my co-author to be, I probably should. Or at least get on some sort of regular writing schedule. Bad author. No biscuit.

I confess...
My proposed schedule would be like this: 
+ Wake up (10 min)
+ Coffee, brekkie, newspaper (30 min)
+ Check emails, Facebook (60 min)
+ Shower and dress (30 min)
+ Exercise walk (60 min)
+ Hooping (20 min)
+ Blog (60 min)
+ Job hunt/apply to jobs (60 min)
+ Enforced quiet time writing (60 min)
(That's 7+ hours per day for just the basics! Not counting errand running, making jewelry, watching TV, reading, cooking dinner, etc...and I think I'd fall behind on blogging. Would you love me anyway?)