Friday Confessional


I confess...
I just started Season 3 of True Blood last night. And Sam Merlotte's dream in episode 1 had me....*ahem* little warm. I don't normally get like that under those circumstances, but I have this thing for Sam Merlotte. A thing that persists, despite the plethora of other attractive and oft-naked characters on that show.

I guess I'm just a dog person.

I confess...
I went to the local health food store yesterday, and had A Shared Moment with the cashier. It was A Shared Moment that I wish had lasted longer, but there were folks behind me in line. I'm pretty sure he felt it, too. Part of me wants to enjoy it and move on, but the rest of me wants to go back there Monday, same time, and ask him if he wants to go out sometime.
(Did I just make a Chasing Amy reference? Meep!)

I confess...
The fact that my parents came home, sat down, and watched How I Met Your Mother with me last night blows me away. Also, anytime I've chosen to be a fan of something that makes my parents laugh gives me warm fuzzies.
(Suit up!)

I confess...
I have done so little writing this week I should be flogged.

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