How to Look Good Naked, part 3

WARNING: This post is intended for mature audiences only. If the idea of posing naked for sexy photos offends you, navigate your page elsewhere.

We've covered lighting and props, let's get onto the good stuff:
Posing 101

Start dressed. Begin in a great outfit that makes you feel sexy, and progress gradually to the boudoir photos. 
(It's about feeling empowered and sensual, not rushing to get naked)

You'll always take bazillions more than you will use, and incorporating a bit of a strip tease will help keep you in the 'sex kitten with all the power' mood. 
(Clothed, and yet sexy!)

Do you need to start in a mumu and end totally nude? No. And remember, even if you are in the buff, you can use props (and your own body, limbs, etc) to cover key areas.
(See? No nekkie.)

Relax. Pouts can be sexy, but most of the time they're false and tense. Loosen up and be yourself on film- laugh, smile, stick out your tongue, roll your eyes....your personality will make all the difference.
(You can tell she's having a good time- eye contact, smiles...she looks inviting)

It's important to note that when you're not relaxed, it's most visible in the eyes (scrunching), the mouth (compressing), and the neck (shortening, also known as shoulders tensing up toward your skull). 
(Are we having fun yet? She looks bored- note the  expressionless eyes, compressed mouth, and lack of a personality)

So whenever doing ANY pose, take a quick mental check to make sure these three key areas are relaxed. 
(At first blush, this is a sexy photo because of the curves she's creating- we'll get to that in part 4. But see how she has virtually no neck? Her shoulders are scrunched up instead of relaxed and back.)

Here's a great cheat to make sure the shoulders are relaxed- roll them up, back, and then drop them into a relaxed pose. 
This raises your chest, making your boobs stick out more (yay!), as well as elongating your neck (yay!) and making you appear longer and leaner.
(You can see her shoulders are rolled back, popping that chest up for maximum boobage, and there's no tension making her eyes or mouth appear thinner.)

Eye contact is sexy. It asserts your power. Look into the lens as if it were the eyes of your lover as you are preparing to ravish them (or be ravished by them). Don't fake it- just interact with the camera as a real thing.
(A more subtle, mischievous smile- this girl is definitely thinking naughty things. Again, eye contact, smile, a sense of personality. All good things!)

Part Four Coming Soon...

*Copyright notice: Unless I'm IN the photo, I don't own it. I did random internet searches to find examples to illustrate my tutorial. If any photographer or model requests that I remove their photo, I will do so immediately. Enjoy these in the spirit with which they were posted....and please don't sue me. Thanks!

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