How to Look Good Naked, part 4

WARNING: This post is intended for mature audiences only. If the idea of posing naked for sexy photos offends you, navigate your page elsewhere.

We've covered lighting, props, and a few basics...let's get onto the good stuff:
Posing 102

(Eye contact? Check. Prop? Check. Sultry smolder? Check.)

We've covered pose basics, including staying relaxed, keeping eye contact, staying in the 'sex kitten' mentality, etc. Let's move on to more detailed posing tips!

If standing in your pics:

Always wear heels (or go on tiptoe as if you were wearing them). This elongates your legs, tightens your thighs and butt, and helps you look leaner.
(She's got heels on, and is arching her back a bit. Wow, chest going up!)

Reach your arms up, or at least behind your head. This makes your breasts appear perkier, your tummy appear thinner, and gives you added height. Just be aware that you don't shorten your neck by tensing your shoulders (like a shrug) or tucking your chin in.
(Arms up: Boobs out, leaner tummy, longer neck. Yay!)

Focus on your assets. It may seem like a lot to keep in mind all at once, but if you're highlighting your hind end in a shot, stick out your booty as far as you can while standing. 
(You can tell by the crease in her back that she's sticking her booty out, which does good things. She's also pointing her toes, which flexes the calves and makers her skin look taut and young.)

If focusing on your front, aim your chest high and proud. Small and subtle shifts in your posture can change your body lines in fun ways.

Keep your face and body in the shot at the same time. The statement should always be "I am sexy" (not "my tummy is sexy" or "my back is sexy"). Focusing only on one part of your body dehumanizes you, which is the opposite of what you're going for.
(The lower third of your face is better than none at all, in the shot. Especially because, like eyes, lips can convey a lot about your mood and desires.)

(Although not wearing heels, she's on toepoint, which makes her legs leaner and more taut. Her hands clasped behind her back like that sticks out her chest, and even though her chest is facing away from us, this pose elongates her back, making that 'love handle' area a little leaner.)

Part Five coming soon...

*Copyright notice: Unless I'm IN the photo, I don't own it. I did random internet searches to find examples to illustrate my tutorial. If any photographer or model requests that I remove their photo, I will do so immediately. Enjoy these in the spirit with which they were posted....and please don't sue me. Thanks!

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