How to Look Good Naked, part 6

WARNING: This post is intended for mature audiences only. If the idea of posing naked for sexy photos offends you, navigate your page elsewhere.

(Pointed toes, relaxed neck, butt out, teasing my covering the breasts, and B&W...this shot gets an A+!)

Posing 104

If lying down:

Arch your back. Arch it unnaturally high (put a throw pillow under the small of your back if necessary). This makes you thinner, accentuates your breasts, and is a classic "take me" pose that everyone recognizes instinctively.
(Arching creates taut curves. I'm not a fan of her head tilted to the side like this, as it looks like she's headless, but otherwise it's a great example of how a simple pose can make anyone 100% woman.)

(By contrast, here is a lack of back arching, which makes the pose non-dynamic and flat. Her raised arm is tucked, making it look awkward and squished, and her other arm resting on her tummy gives the impression of boredom or sleep...not exactly the message you want for sexy photos. Kudos for the pointed toes, which clearly elongates the legs.)

Keep your chin untucked. Tucked chins make for a double chin, shortened neck, and unnatural look. You want the gazelle look, so focus on making every part of you extended and relaxed.
(Extended neck gives a swanlike appearance. Yay!)

(By contrast, here her head is not tilted, nor is she arched. She looks very corpse-like because of the lack of engagement in this photo. She also looks like she has the neck of a football player, though I'm sure she's very lovely when posed correctly. I'm not a fan of what she's doing with her legs, either.)

Modesty is sexy. Use that corner of blanket to drape across your midsection. Cover your breasts casually with a hand. This game of peekaboo with your body puts you in control, which is the premise of a sexy boudoir photo set. It's also a great way to cover any areas that you're feeling self-conscious about.
(Eye contact, arched back, modesty, and raised!)

(Here's an example of an arched back when on the tummy. Her face and neck are relaxed, toes pointed, and her shoulders are raised up enough to create that beautiful curve. Bonus: Using her hair to cover her upper arms and shoulders makes it looks like there are no foldy fat parts of the flesh..very clever!)

When editing, don't be afraid to play with it. Create a folder for Shots you Love, one for Shots That Are Okay, and one for Shots You Hate. Chances are, edited shots from the second album will be the bulk of what you keep. Try them in black and white, or sepia tone. Soften the edges. Adjust the RGB or exposure and see what happens. You're the goddess in the shot, so make sure your edits keep the focus on YOU.
(Black and white, and softened edges, make the photo all the more feminine and classic. I wouldn't pose her on her side, as she loses all her curve that way, but I applaud the eye contact, relaxed face, and clear indication of a personality.)

(Just so we're clear, I don't condone smoking and I don't think it's sexy, but clearly it works as a prop. And here's an example of editing the frame and cut of the pic so it's tilted diagonally, which adds a subtle dynamic of movement.)

Thanks for joining me for this tutorial, and happy posing!

*Copyright notice: Unless I'm IN the photo, I don't own it. I did random internet searches to find examples to illustrate my tutorial. If any photographer or model requests that I remove their photo, I will do so immediately. Enjoy these in the spirit with which they were posted....and please don't sue me. Thanks!

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