I love my RAK

Book Soulmates

What is R.A.K.?

It stands for Random Acts of Kindness, specifically of the surprise-mail-book kind. Thanks to Book Soulmates, it's a great way to surprise a stranger with a book from their wishlist. You can either purchase one, or send them a used one from your collection (which is what I did). I love the concept (book altruism!), and my only frustration is that the Google Doc of wishlists is incredibly long. I spent several days pouring through each individual wishlist, and gave up before I hit the end. 

The books* I sent out in July:

* Covers shown differ from those I sent

I didn't receive any, but that's okay because I'm drowning in books right now. Not that I'm complaining- I have a book addiction- but I'm just as happy to send literary joy as I am to receive it.