My Happy List


I am happy...
That I'm in our family cabin in the middle of the woods, disconnecting from reality and enjoying fresh air, trees, fishing, hiking, family time, writing time, lots of novels, adventure, peace, and a sense of connection with Nature and my gods.
(Euer paradise)

That's pretty much the top and continuing 'happy' item.

(Home, sweet home....while we were replacing the 50+ year old boards on the outside of the cabin)

I will be continuing to release scheduled posts here, but since I'm not actually connected to the internet during the 10 days that I'll be gone, I won't be able to link said posts to those hosting the memes. Please feel free, if you're a host, to link my post to yours if desired.

Also, please don't think I am ignoring you- I love you! I just won't be able to answer comments, or leave comments on your blog, until after I return.