Zombies vs Unicorns

In this chick-heavy realm of the Blog, it is rare to come across a male blogger. Even more rare to come across a male blogger with some excellent opinions on things I care about.
Mainly, books.

Thank goodness there is Just a Guy Who Reads Books!

And, even better, he's giving away a copy of Zombies vs Unicorns (a compilation of stories from some amazing authors, all about- you guessed it- zombies and unicorns). He wants to know: In the epic fight between zombies and unicorns, whose side are YOU on?

As entry to the competition (and because it's an excuse to have fun), I present my take on the epic battle between zombies and unicorns.
(Mid-Columbia Library System, Kennewick branch in Kennewick, WA...the site of the madness)

(Epic throw down at the Kennewick library!)

(Acknowledging that zombies have an unfair advantage with numbers, Team Unicorn and Team Zombie send their best Blondes to battle it out!)

(It's a BONANZA at the library! Team Zombie gets on top of the competition!)

(But Team Unicorn gets the edge over Team Zombie with the classic unicorn move...)

(And in one fell swoop, Team Unicorn's blonde tops Team Zombie, sending her to her grave...again!)

Note: I was going to favor Team Zombie, as I would think zombies' superior numbers have the edge against unicorns' ability to gore folk. However, the sheer number of unicorn books at this library made me reconsider my stance. Why the 'blonde champions' thing? Because they are reported to have more fun, and I wanted to level the playing field, woman to woman. 

(No zombies or unicorns were harmed in the making of this book battle, though the librarians were quite amused)