Design for Shabby Apple

Do you love Shabby Apple as much as I do? Shabby Apple Dresses are conservative and classic, but not at all dowdy or matronly. Plus, the company is very in touch with their fan base!

I am entering the dress design below into their Dare to Design contest, which thankfully is open to non-designers. In dreaming this up, I wanted this piece to fit a variety of shapes, but I mostly had my own in mind (apple, plus sized). I wanted a dress for Spring that I could wear to an outdoor date, especially one that might go from daytime (say, a picnic) to early evening (say, a movie). 

My inspiration was the neo-classic look of Regency and Edwardian women's fashion, with a modern touch. If Jane Austen was alive today, and going out rowing with her beau, what would she wear? 

I would make this dress out of a soft, feminine fabric, like a low-sheen brushed cotton, or opaque lawn, so that it breathes and moves well without being too formal. 

I would focus on fabrics that are richly colored (I'm sure it would look great in a pastel, but I'd love some jewel tones, or mineral tones, on such a versatile dress).

And I would make it in a wide range of sizes, because I think this design truly has something for everyone.

Some finer details of this design:

What do you ladies think? Would you vote for this in the Dare to Design contest? Would you wear such a dress?

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