Free Microloans for Superheroes

Want to solve the world financial crisis?

Give microlending a try! 
And for a limited time, Kiva is offering people a chance to loan $25 out....for free. Seriously- altruism that heals the world and doesn't cost you a cent? Awesome.

I wasn't compensated by Kiva in any way for this post, or by anyone else. I just love you guys and want to share with you this amazing offer, which I wish I had a chance to take advantage of when I started lending through Kiva.

I've made five loans through Kiva, and every time one is paid back in full, I send that money to another deserving business owner. Given how low bank interest rates are, this is almost exactly like keeping that money in the bank, except that it goes toward someone's success and empowerment, and to the health of their community.

Anytime I need to, I can withdraw my money (which has always been repaid in full- Kiva guarantees that). But I'll be honest with you, I'm never going to withdraw that money. I will always keep re-loaning it. Because it does much more good for a borrower and for their community and for the economic health of the world, than it ever could sitting in my bank account or going toward my fabric or lattes or books.

Who will YOU loan to with your free Kiva trial loan?