I am awesome (and so are you)

As an avid reader, I often sniff out LJ and other blog posts from female writers, regarding female characters and issues facing female writers today. I love these things. They are far more eloquent than I normally am, and they make excellent and empowering arguments.

One such (thanks to Seanan McGuire, whose tweet led me there) was in regard to the oft-misused term "Mary Sue", and how we should be more okay with female characters that know they are awesome. In other words, there's being humble, and there's thinking that being confident is a flaw (which, let's be frank, most women are taught, i.e., confident men are cocky and self-assured, confident women are bitches and masculine). 

Along this line, there was an excellent post encouraging women to state their awesomeness. I'm going to borrow this concept today.

Here's the rules:
Tell me how awesome you are, tell me why, tell me what awesome things you've done.
Don't limit yourself by using terms like "a bit", "a few", "I think", "maybe", "sort of", etc.
Don't limit yourself by telling me that you're not as awesome as someone else, or by comparing yourself to anyone else at all.
Claim your own amazingness.

I'm Beth, and I'm awesome. I have fantastic social skills, I make people laugh, and I fill my time with things that I enjoy doing, which is a strength. I love my life. And I'm a fabulous person with many skills and talents and abilities, a good heart, great health, and a lot of joy.  

Now it's your turn! Tell me about your own awesomeness!

A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful. ~Karl Kraus

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