Man Candy Monday

For today's Man Candy Monday, I am giving you a double treat. That's right....twins!

Aaron and Shawn Ashmore

Notable Roles (Shawn):
Joe Lynch, in Frozen
Eric, in The Ruins
Bobby Drake/Iceman in all the X-Men movies (except First Class)
Ged, in Earthsea
Eric Summers, on Smallville
Waylon Tibbins, in Guitarman

Notable Roles (Aaron):
Steve Jinks, on Warehouse 13
Jimmy Olsen, on Smallville
Marcus, in The Shrine
Scott Griffin, on In Plain Sight
Troy Vandergraff, on Veronica Mars
Dwayne, in Treed Murray
Atom Galen, in The Thaw

Random Facts:
They are identical twins, Libras, 32 years old, both have their grandfather's initials tattooed on their wrists, and were born in Canada (Aaron is older by a minute).
Shawn Ashmore made two guest appearances on "Smallville" playing an adversary of Clark Kent. Shawn's real-life twin brother Aaron Ashmore later appeared on "Smallville" as Jimmy Olson.
How do you tell them apart? Shawn is only 5'11" and Aaron is 6'0".