Man Candy Monday

Well hello there...

Luke Evans

Random Facts:
He's Welsh, and 32 years old
He lives in London
Clash of the Titans was his first TV role, though he's starred in many of London's West End theatre productions
He's played two Greek gods (Apollo, and Zeus). This makes me happy.

Notable Roles:
Bard the Bowman, in The Hobbit (coming soon)
Detective Emmett Fields, in The Raven (coming soon)
Zeus, in Immortals (coming soon)
Aramis, in The Three Musketeers (coming soon)
Andy Cobb, in Tamara Drewe
Apollo, in Clash of the Titans

Mark my words, ladies- this actor is going to hit amazing hotness popularity very soon. He's going to be in more than he has been in, which is always exciting. But even better than that is that this man rocks the costumes.  I can't wait to see more of him.