There's No Place Like Home

And now I have one!

I got that apartment that I fell in love with, so it truly was meant to be. Yaysauce!

Now, of course, I am hying myself to Home Depot to pick out paint. My desire is to paint the apartment in shades of green, and put up some wall decals to give it a forest/garden feel. You should see my Pinterest...oy, so many choices!

But I need your help! There are 47,210 results on Etsy for wall decals, and from many, many shops. Do you have experience using a particular Etsy (or otherwise) store for wall decals? A place you recommend, or warn against? Any tips for selecting or putting up wall decals? I have never used them, so I can use all the help I can get.....


(Don't worry, pics will follow once I get going, and get my camera to communicate with my laptop again).