Diary of a Costume Addict: The Courtesan

So my historic garb sewing can be categorized like this:

Medieval garb: Planned, on the wishlist.
Faux-Renaissance garb (for ren faires): Done, done, and overdone. Moving right along...
Actual Renaissance garb: 2 outfits done, many more planned.
Regency garb: On my wishlist.
Victorian garb: In progress...
Edwardian garb: 3 outfits done, including one very epic fail. I seek to redeem myself someday.
Depression-era garb: 1 outfit done, actually looks good on me, want to make more swing garments.

But my best historic garb by far has been that which was guided by Lorenza and Gabriella. Lorenza can fix anything, and Gabriella always calms me down when the stuff I do falls apart.

The proof is in the pudding, if the pudding were the two Venetian courtesan garments that I've made. The first, which was a good start but is a little too long-waisted on me, is a classic red 1580's Venetian courtesan dress, with some adjustments to the neckline.
(Aside from braying like a donkey, and with monk-sleeves, I think this shows my first draft of the red dress quite well!)

Am I trying to be totally period-accurate? No. I just wanna look like what I play in the SCA, and look damned good in it. Since I play a Venetian courtesan (which is fun both for the cleavage and for the hair 'horns'), I get to use sumptuous fabric. Yay!

Here's how the red dress came together:

(The camicia, the classic undergarment that has WAY too much yardage in it)

(I made a reversible underskirt with gold dupioni silk some blue satin-esque fabric)

(This is actually the 2nd of 3 skirts that I wear on this outfit)

(I lightly boned the bodice, even though I wear a fully boned corset underneath, to give it form and keep it from riding up)

(I lined the bodice in gingham initially, not thinking)

(See the gingham peeking through the edges? I fixed that eventually)

(There's the back, once I put it together. I love the centered piece on the back, which is Lorenza's secret skill)

I actually have a Venetian courtesan garment "in progress", and more planned. But for now, I'm switching to Victorian in time for Seattle's SteamCon.