Fat Ass Friday Fail

So I'm back up to 175, which is my body's general 'reset' fat weight. I'm glad Health Not to Health Nut is doing a reboot, because I sure as Hades need one.

I knew I had gained weight, because I put on my sunny yellow sundress yesterday and looked a bit like sausage in a casing.

Also, I injured my lower back on Monday (ever since my car accident, my pelvis has been tilted slightly, which means it's super easy to throw out my back for weeks). This is keeping me from exercising, as generally the very act of sitting or walking puts me in pain. Boo.

So now that I have my own place, I need to make A Plan for the changes I want to instate in my eating and exercise habits.

This I know:
I will walk to and from work, Monday through Friday.
On the weekends, I will walk to and from downtown (get groceries, go shopping, etc).
That gives me roughly 10-14 miles a week of walking.

I'm also going to get back into hooping, especially now that I have a lovely "Mardis Gras Night" themed travel hoop, thanks to Miss Haley!

Some friends have also clued me into the local swing dance scene in my new town, so once a week I'll be doing that.

I'm wanting to get back into having protein shakes for brekkie (especially green shakes....yum! I need to get that kale shake recipe from Lisa and post it here because oh my green goddess it was tasty).

I'm thinking Greek yogurt, Arbonne fit chews, and gum for my mid-morning snack/slump.

Getting back to mostly black coffee during the day, as well.

And, of course, being really strict with myself about portion size. I hate that my natural inclination is to eat everything, even if it makes me sick, hoarding it as if I will be starving tomorrow.
Those Los Angeles days are behind me, body. Let's be reasonable.