Fat Ass Friday

Previous Weight: 175
Current Weight: 170

I have returned to Fat Ass Friday! Mostly, because I have a scale again and can quantify my progress, or lack thereof.

After a month of staying with my brother, getting little exercise and over-eating, I was up to 175 two weeks ago (at last weigh-in). I was pretty pissed at myself, since my ultimate goal is 160, and getting even to 168 is a HUGE struggle. So I was pretty damned pleased (after a week of eating very little, walking 1-2 miles per day, and taking the 5 flights of stairs to work daily) to find myself at 170. Wahoo!

Note: I am now back to my crappy non-digital scale, so I can only see whole numbers. Ah, well.

How are YOU doing on your health journey?