Favorite Colors Swap

Hey all! USPS routed my swap package from the fabulous Haley of Wide Eyed Smilin', all over heck and gone, so I'm late in getting this up. But here it is!

 Please forgive the craptastic lighting....yay box!

 This is FAB! It's a hot sippy cup that is BPA-free, and larger than my other travel mugs. I'm a fan of travel mugs that aren't boring, plain, steel things, so this really made my day. Wahoo!

 Yeah, this was consumed in one night. Chocolate + pretzel + peanut butter = win!

 Alright, we're in the realm of sideways pics now, sorry about that- no photo editor to play with at the moment. This is not only "vampire blood" hand sanitizer (which makes me think of True Blood and giggle), this is a sparkly teal hand sanitizer holder! I am using this thing multiple times (every Christmas I end up with a Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer, so it'll be great to have a holder for them that I can string on things). In fact, I was tempted to take this with me to the zombie comic photo shoot, but decided against it because of the branding copyright issues. :)

 It's handmade! It's a soap saver! I have no idea what that is! But it's soft and pretty and pocket-y, so I'll find uses for it. ;)

 A blue and green photo frame for my new pad!

 Ok, this one is my fav. It's teal (the photo doesn't do it justice) AND it's got that toile decor that I adore (most of my Venetian costumes have a print of some sort, similar to that). Something about that style of pattern makes me feel precious.

Tada! An entire box of teal love. Thank you, Haley, for a wonderful swap package, and being an awesome partner despite life explosions. 

And THANKS as always to Mamarazzi for hosting this ever-fun swap. I love an excuse to send happy mail to a stranger. :D