September Vlog


Hey kittens! I'm linking up to Mamarazzi and Shawn's goofy-fun monthly vlog challenge. I fell down on it for a few months while in transition, but this time I was determined to make it happen. I don't have kids, pets, or an S.O. complicating up my routine, so I just stick to a structured set of activities, as you'll see below. I'm all about the deadlines!

Because I suck at editing videos on my Mac, here's what you need to know before the vid starts:
I wake up, to my cell phone alarm (playing music from Battlestar Galactica) at 7am. Then I make my way to the bathroom to shower.
Aaaaaaaaand go!

Please ignore the mess everywhere- I am still unpacking and settling in. Also, yes, I know I'm a big dork (with a double chin), but I humiliate myself for YOU people, for YOU.

I kid.....check out my new place! Pics to come soon.

Now go link up your vid!