Surviving Night Zero

So there's this locally-produced photo-based comic called Night Zero, about the zombie apocalypse. And it's a lot of fun to read, with many overlapping storylines, interesting characters, and a truly gritty feel.
(My first brush with Night Zero, at Crypticon in Seattle)

I was blessed to be able to submit a vignette script to the creator, Anthony Van Winkle, and his incredible production team. It hasn't been made (yet?), but getting the chance to be a fan AND a contributor is a wonderful feeling.
(The makeup artist was having fun with random passersby, and then the photogs posed us and took photos. It's a great promo scheme, and I'm so glad that I stopped to say "what's this???!")

So imagine, if you will, my utter delight at being asked to be part of a Night Zero issue/story! I was over the moon. And I got to share that squeeness with my good friend, Priest.
 (Priest, with his epic baseball bat)

We arrived at the abandoned flour mill in the middle of nowhere, in the late morning. The day was overcast and threatening- the perfect atmosphere for a zombie apocalypse!

As an extra, in film, TV, or comic books, you spend a lot of time waiting. During the waiting, I spent a lot of time admiring the makeup job that the head Makeup Artist (who is also a recurring character) was doing, the fun costuming they put the various factions in, the mix of folks playing evacuating civilians (I'm one of them), and the utter speed and professionalism the entire production crew has. This is a labor of love, not a profit-making venture, and yet the photographers, the lighting guys, the assistants- everyone was efficient, nice, and professional.

I won't lie- there were also some pretty attractive people on set.

I don't want to give away the plot of the story (which will come out sometime in Spring), but basically I was part of a group of civilians being evacuated, and all hell breaks loose.

I was impressed with how the two main photographers would work simultaneously, essentially getting two sides of every scene. I'm certain far more pics were taken than will be used, but they captured some great poses.
 (Goofing around behind the scenes....those kids were a blast!)

I did get direction for one close-up, and had a hard time not cracking up. I may or may not have also gotten a talking to about grinning so much on set (I didn't always hear when they were taking the photos). But let me tell you- when two attractive guys are a foot away from you, directing you to lower your eyebrows and look "determined" (not my usual determined face, but whatever), it's difficult.
(So THIS is the "I'm trying to look determined and furrow my eyebrows while standing a foot from two attractive guys and it's not working" face. I look like I'm about the cry- wtf, face?)

In the end, my character (and Priest's) end up being a little bit special, and I hope that means we're in a future issue. I could gladly spend my weekends doing this (as an extra, or in the crew)!

Here's what I've learned about surviving Night Zero, based on what my character and others did:
 (Wait...did you guys just hear something?)