Hold onto your knickers, kids...it's time for the Swapoween!
To get us all in the spirit (har har), Miss Angie and I are co-hosting a swap around one of our favorite holidays......Halloween!

How it works:
1. Sign up for the swap on My So-Called Chaos.

2. Make post about the swap on your blog (you won't be considered in the swap until this happens).

3. Receive email confirmation that form was received, with swapper #

4. Receive email assigning you your Swapoween partner!

5. Shop for and/or make Halloween-themed goodies for your partner. We encourage focusing in things specific to them and what they enjoy about the holiday. The package, prior to shipping, must be between $25 and $40 worth of goodies. We want people to feel like they were treated in fairly, and we don't want anyone to break the bank, so PLEASE stay within those monetary guidelines.

6. Send the package to your partner on Mon Oct 10th. It needs to arrive within 7-10 days and you MUST get a tracking number for it (this usually costs an extra 70 cents).

7. Email your partner and the hosts with the tracking number. We'll send you the special Swapoween Post Button in a reply email.

8. When your goodies arrive, post about what you got, with pics, a link to your partner's blog, and our Swapoween Button.

9. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! This swap is a celebration of the holiday, both for you and your partner, and we want to see and hear all about the good stuff. :)

Important Dates:
Sign up at My So-Called Chaos, between 9/21 and 9/28
Your partner will be assigned by Oct 1st
You will ship your package on Oct 10th
Please post about the swap, what you got, etc, by Oct 21st.

NOTE: If at any time, for any reason, you will not be able to complete the swap, PLEASE email either Angie or Beth to let them know. We would rather you withdraw than disappear or flake. Also, of course, email if you have any questions or concerns.

We can't wait to get swappin'!

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