Diary of a Costume Addict: Poufy Sleeves

Ironically, I got my camera working AFTER the steampunk convention.
Also, I finished the one ballgown that I was making for it.

And lastly, I was so sick on Saturday morning (after 3 hours of sleep and too much stress, not to mention hot wings from hell) that I skipped the con and went straight to work. That's right- busting my butt for weeks, and I didn't get a chance to wear the outfit. No worries, though- Halloween gives me the excuse I need to get my 'late-period poufy-sleeved Victorian ballgown with eels' on. Totally out of context.

So here's the recap on the making of the dress (I'll cover the eels later):
 I went with this gold fabric, because I had enough of it to make the big skirt and poufy sleeves. And also, it's got the embossed-looking design, which means I don't have to throw as much lace and such on there. Yay for cutting corners!

 I did want SOME definition, though, and I happened to have a yard of this gorgeous gold/green dupioni silk lying around (my addiction to dupioni silk knows no bounds), so I decided to make this the front panel, for contrast. I went with a Burda pattern for the bodice and sleeves, because I still crutch on patterns. I'm digging Burda, though- they fit true to spec, and don't give me fifteen million instructions like I'm an idiot (*coughcoughSimplicitycoughcough*).

 Here it is, pieced together. I like the color combination!

For the skirt, I made a simple gored skirt (not an A-line), and gathered like mad at the waist. It looks rather frumpy on my dress form, but my hope is that with a petticoat underneath it, and more netting in the sleeves to pouf them out, it will look very 1890s.

I do love me a bustle dress, and will make one sometime in the near future. But since this was so last minute, I went the cheater route (zipper back closure, lack of decorations on the skirt, etc).

After Halloween, I hope to post pics of what it looks like ON me, eels included.