Friday Confessional


I confess...
I'm twitterpated. This is first on my list, because I need you guys to forgive me in advance- I am sure I will be acting like an idiot, staring off into space, giggling for seemingly no reason, bouncing, etc.It has already started.

I confess...
The last-minute Halloween costume parties tonight and tomorrow and Monday sounded like a great idea until it started raining. There is even a chance I may end up stranded on an island tonight. BUT given the likelihood of getting to help usher my brother's new social life in, and see two amazing friends, plus finally wear that Victorian eel gown tonight....I'm doing it.

I confess...
I made a resolution at a consignment store today, to be more comfortable with wearing clingy tops. Sure, I have some flab, even when I'm sucking it in. But how else will someone see the good curves that I have, unless I let myself wear tops that show it? Because I've finally realized that my side curviness is awesome and deserves to be shown off. 
We'll see if this lasts through my wearing of the tight teal top that I purchased.

I confess...
I need a stylist. I'm un-chic, and I've realized that I lack the skills to correct this issue.
So how does one go about getting on those "fix my wardrobe" shows???

I confess...
I love that the Maple trees near my house are running the gamut of bright warm toned shades. It's like a slow motion flame every day. Despite the fact that this weather is winter and not autumn, the leaves changing always makes me happy.

*(I don't own these photos. Please don't sue me!)
**(I need to dress as Mae West for one of these costume parties. Darn my lack of a platinum blond wig!)