I got my package of Swapoween delightfulness from my fabulous partner, Kathryn of Omnivore100Project. This gal's posts generally have me drooling and laughing, which is a happy combo, but she's new to me in the blog 'verse. So, of course, I wasn't sure at all what kind of goodies I would get....
As it turned out, apparently she lives in my head!

 Clever clever! She used orange Ulta bags and black (reusable- yay!) Urban Outfitters bags to pack the goodies in, in keeping with the Halloween theme...

 A sweet card, a "Halloween 100 Project" (which is like the Omnivore 100 Project, only with more cavities!), a jack-o-lantern can cooler, and a super cute jack-o-lantern spatula (which I have already used).

 Dark chocolate (love!), a werewolf Pez dispenser, and two gorgeous decorative bowls (which I put on my windowsill, where they'll be seen and admired. By me. Heeheee...

Decorative buttons (PERFECT for my jewelry making!), cupcake decorations (my coworkers thank you, because now I have an excuse to bake some cuppycakes), and Halloween gel window clings. I LOVE window clings. I've had a set of Christmas ones since I was 7 or so, but never any other holiday. And now I do! And they're colorful and sparkly and now on my kitchen and dining room windows. Wahoooo!

This is my "opening Swapoween early in the morning is like Christmas, and Kathryn is awesome and I love it all" face. :)

Thank you, Kathryn, for a fabulous swap package that totally brightened my day! And thanks to my lovely co-host, Miss Angie, whose fortitude despite my foray into too-stressed-with-work-to-be-useful drove this swap to its successful heights.