Autumn is Officially ON


Another Mamarazzi swap, filled with awesome, has blessed my life (and my home, and mailbox, and tummy).

I was paired with the fabulous Amber from Amber's Life (home of the super-cute girl-on-laptop icon). This girl knows how to SHOP! Every item in my swap package made me giggle maniacally with glee!

Check out the goodies:
 Another themed spatula (this is fab- my whole kitchen is getting more fun, every swap!), a whisk with a pumpkin shape inside it (too cute!!) and Autumn-themed cookie cutters (which I will be using next week to make snickerdoodles and gingerbread cookies by the score-muahahaha!)

 SPRINKLES. Ahahahaha!! I am ALL about the cupcake-making this Fall, and now I can do them up with sprinkles! They're "colored leaves" and "pumpkin mix" sprinkles, so I'm thinking....chai-spiced, appley, pumpkin, and maple-type cupcakes, with cream cheese frosting and these bad boys. I'm going to be all Mad Scientist Kitchen!

 As soon as I set the camera down, these went up on my windows. I have a serious addiction to window clings, and I'm getting a collection for every season and holiday now. Wahoo!

 And then as soon as my camera went down, this went on my front door. Yay! It's hard to see in the photo, but it's glittery, too. And it's sturdy enough to stay on my front door despite gusting winds this week. My own door decor! I may have to leave this up all year. ;)

Isn't he adorable?! I put him on the windowsill, with his clutch of harvest goodies. I think the neighborhood crows are happy with this arrangement. 

I honestly had zero fall decor (aside from Halloween stuff) before this swap. Now, my house feels festive, and ripe for guests, and really warm and welcoming.
Plus, I have even more motivation to bake.

Thanks so much, Amber!