Welcome to November

Did y'all have a good time Trick-or-Treating last night? Dressing up your kids? Handing out candy?
I love Halloween. A holiday where I can dress up, and people dress up in and make the most incredible, creative things? I'm in!

Of course, I was one of THREE people in an office of about 100 that dressed up.
I wave my Geek Flag high.

If you didn't know, Haley from Knotty Craft Creations is having a super duper sale this month! This is perfect for, hrm, I dunno, an upcoming Autumn Swap, maybe...or Christmas items....I'm just sayin'!
Details are here.

Also, if you need to get your Autumn bake on, and don't feel like doing something pumpkin, might I suggest these bad boys?

This month, too, you'll notice a return of literature on my blog, in the form of some book reviews, and giveaways. Wahoo!

So, without further ado, let me introduce.....November.

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