2011 in Review- The First Three

I'm posting these as part of the 2011 Review Extravaganza. I think I've had an exceptionally growthful year, in which I learned to pay attention and respect myself more. I've also had a lot of opportunities this year, which I'm very grateful for. Here's my theme for the first 3 months:

January 2011
I had some quality time with my mom and many excellent books
I got more domestic-goddess-y in the kitchen
I moved to a new town in a new part of Washington...briefly
I joined the local YMCA as a redo to my fitness program
I donated a lot of blood
I finished my quest to read every Jane Austen novel

February 2011
Things started falling apart with Scotsman
I bonded strongly with my gorgeous kitty, Lucy
Friends had babies
I really got into wogging. Daily. For 3+ miles. I didn't lose any weight at all, but I felt very empowered
And then I got massively sick with a flu-type thing

March 2011
My relationship with Scotsman finally ended
I hosted my first swap (with the lovely Miss Angie)
I hosted my first giveaway
I finally figured out how to put on eyeliner without looking like a freak
I started a garden
I dyed my hair (of course)