2011 in Review: The Moving Months

Continuing the theme of 2011 In Review, I've got to say that I would have been in a very bad place in April, May, and June if my parents weren't so generous. They let me move back in with them which, while embarrassing, was much better than killing Scotsman or living on the streets.

And my theme for those three months would have to be:

April 2011
I invited the Universe to bless my life with a good man.
I participated in my first book swap.
I started dating again (of course, now I can't remember who Lynx was).
I vlogged.
And I moved to my parents apartment, after the fiasco with Scotsman and finances.

May 2011
I focused a lot on inexpensive nutrition and gleaning.
I gave up on dating, after a frustrating run. Except not really.
The Yakima river flooded, and it was beautiful.
I went through a lot of job interviews.

June 2011
I got into hooping.
I got into Arbonne (as a product user, not a seller).
I had a really great time hanging with my folks.
I started a very fun blog series on Boudoir Photography.